Thursday, 8 April 2010

Celebrating Easter in all sorts of ways ....

On Maundy Thursday, we had hoped to have an Easter Hunt throughout the morning for all the children in Nursery through to Year 6 - unfortunately, the weather wasn't on our side. Later, when it had brightened up a little, we were able to begin the Easter Parade, though parents had to shelter in our school hall for a bit! It was a noisy and enjoyable start to the Easter break.

Our film below shows some of our wonderful Easter Bonnet creations. This year too, we had the opportunity of watching and waiting for our chicks to hatch in the Nursery. By carefully planting our webcam, we can see them emerging from the eggs, becoming warm and fluffy before they were reunited in their new home for a few days. The pecking sound is one very inquisitive chick who took a shine to the webcam lens!