Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Street Dancing

On Friday 9th of May, after school, year 3,4,5 and 6 got the chance to come and enjoy some street dancing. There were people who came into school and taught us some street dance moves. The hall was packed with many people and I think they enjoyed it very much! It was a one hour lesson and within that short time we had already learnt a street dance routine! The only thing was that there was one move that had everyone confused… the wave! The man told us a way to make it easier but it didn’t help. By the end of the lesson everyone had a great time and they enjoyed themselves. Hopefully they can come again and teach us more!

By Maleeha

Monday, 12 May 2014

Colchester Zoo

On Wednesday 7th May we were all thrilled as we were going to Colchester Zoo! Once the register was complete we slowly walked to the coach and we were ready to go! Everyone was very excited, we discussed what we might see, what we wanted to see and played a few games. It took a little while but it was the worth the wait. When we got out of the coach it was really chilly but we didn’t mind, as after a while, it got warmer. We couldn’t wait to go inside, so we did! It was really welcoming.

At the zoo we saw some amazing and beautiful creatures. They made funny sounds and had stunning patterns decorating their skin. First, we saw a rare species of monkeys, they were the ‘Golden headed lions’, they were called this because, they had a golden mane around their heads (they were so cute!) Next, we walked ahead and saw some spider monkeys, they had really long spider like legs. After that, we went and saw sun bears! (They have very long tongues, about the size of 33cm!) Afterwards, we saw some Toucan birds with rainbow coloured feathers on their heads, that made them stand out. Not soon after, we went and had lunch. We caught up with class friends and enjoyed having a breather. Once we were energised we went to see the lions, the tigers, the wolves and the hunting dogs! These animals may sound vicious but when we saw them they were all relaxing, playing or having a nap! So not scary at all!
We then rushed quickly, to see the dusty grey elephants who were drinking water through their trunks. The tall giraffes, with their elongated necks having a nibble off of some tree leaves, were in the same area as the black and white zebras, all living in harmony. We saw lots of animals and debated whether they were happy, as although they were safe, the zoo is not their natural habitat. We wondered if zoos were a good place or bad, as some animals may have been lonely being separated from their families and tribes. We are still undecided on that topic, but we loved the trip to the Zoo…we think you should definitely go too!

By: Schreoshi & Isbah 4W

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Year 3 visit William Morris Gallery

Year Three went on a fantastic trip to the William Morris Art Gallery. We took the 275 bus to Walthamstow and then had a five minutes walk to the gallery.

 When we first arrived we went to a room and saw lots of wallpaper designs. They were of beautiful flowers and leaves. We sketched some of the wallpaper designs in our sketch books, this was tricky because they were really complicated and full of great detail. 

Across the hall there were even more pictures that he had created. There was an enormous picture of  William Morris hanging in the gallery.
 We had the opportunity to complete some stone rubbings, this was amazing as the designs were clear on our sheets, it was just like William Morris had designed it.
 They created a beautiful pattern on the paper. Also in that room there was some of his old furniture from the Victorian Times, it was very different to ours. We all had a really enjoyable time at the gallery. 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Live Webcast!

On Monday 28th April Year 5 were invited to a live webcast with Jeff Kinney, the author of the Wimpy kid books. 
We were very excited as most of us enjoy the books and the films. 
It was presented by Helen Skelton who interviewed Jeff Kinney. 
During the show we were shown clips from the films that were really funny.
Jeff told us how the characters were brought to life by the actors and how they were different from the books.  He showed us how to draw Greg Heffley, (the Wimpy Kid) we all thought that it was really easy.

Finally Jeff Kinney revealed his new book, this is what everyone was waiting for, THE LONG HAUL. He only gave away one secret that Greg was going on a road trip and it all goes wrong. It will be out in November.

Written by Jake and Laila Year 5