Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Fruity Friday!

On Friday 13th June 2014, the whole school had Fruity Friday!
Here are some thoughts from Class 3H!

The children in Key Stage 1 enjoyed fruit in their classes and Key Stage 2 brought in yummy, juicy and delicious fruits to eat in class! We brought in some of our favourite fruits and some people tried fruits they had never had before or had not had for a long time. 

The fruits we tried were lychees and cherries and most of us thought they were scrumptious! 

We found out that some people had different taste buds! We enjoyed sharing the fruits with each other and talking about our favourite fruits. We learned that we should always try new things because maybe it will taste different to what you expect! We know fruit is important because it is healthy and has lots of vitamins.

 We would like more Fruity Fridays in the future and think that next time we should wear fruity themed clothes!

Redbridge Primary Maths Challenge

On Friday 13th June Maleeha, Seyon, Schreoshi and Keirthan attended the Redbridge Primary Mathematics Challenge at John Bramston Primary School.

We started off by having to design a boat to hold at least 1kg. However we had to buy our materials but only had a budget of five pounds. There was only 30 minutes to complete the boat and have it ready for testing. We came up with a creative plan that would give us a boat that held 3kg, unfortunately it came second, to a boat that held 3.5kg. 

After this we headed off to solve some maths problems. Some of these were very hard but others were easier. The puzzles included making an equilateral triangle form 4 separate pieces, number grid problems, and creating 3D cubes with all sides the same colour. 

In the afternoon we swapped teams and worked with children from different schools. We had to complete a more challenging problem about decorating biscuits. This was linked to ratio and common multiples. 
Schreoshi won a certificate as her team worked together the best.

Some comments from us:

Maleeha – “It was an exciting challenging day that made us use our brains.”

Seyon- “Making the boat was the best and we nearly won.”

Schreoshi- “I had a great day and it was really fun.”

Keirthan- “I had an enjoyable day, especially solving the maths problems.”

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Year 6 Visit WWII Museum

On the 20th May we went to the Ilford Museum. The trip was fun, first we went on the bus - the ride was around half an hour. Then we walked for a couple of minutes towards the library/museum. 
Inside we were kindly greeted by a jolly lady called Sandra. She took us upstairs to a room and introduced her staff.
The first thing we did there was a short quiz. Then, 6 of our class (6B) could pin-point the places that were at war in WWII. After that's Sandra explained some more about the war, then we were separated into 2 groups, my group stayed in the room and learnt more about rationing and the amount of food rationed in a week for 1 person. Then, she showed us the things someone had packed for evacuation.
Then we went to the second part where Sandra showed us a piece of shrapnel. It was heavier than I thought! There was even an Anderson Shelter that had been given to the museum by someone local that we were allowed to go in!
When we went upstairs , to the other group, we had a quiz using information from people's stories.
The day went by so quickly (time flies when your'e having fun!). I would love to do something like this again. The thing I liked most was the model house, it impressed me thoroughly - it was so real!

By Krishna Class 6B

Corporate Challenge

A group of employees from Associated British Ports (ABP) came to school on the 16th May to help in the Environmental Area. 
Their task was a very difficult one; to convert an ugly area on invasive weeds and shrubs into a beautiful edible forest. 

They first had to dig out all the weeds and shrubs then level the area. 

They then had to construct raised beds from 200ft of scaffolding boards.

 When this was completed they had to move 4 tons of topsoil in wheelbarrows and put it in the raised beds. 

Time was beginning to run out but they did manage to plant 2 apple trees, currants, gooseberries, rhubarb and garlic chives in the edible forest. 

The weather was scorching and they worked very hard but they stayed very positive all day. many thanks to the eight volunteers from ABP.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Cartoon Writing Day with Andrew Thompson

On Wednesday 21st May Andrew Thompson came to our school to hold a Comic Workshop.
Groups of children from other schools in the borough also came along.

The six lucky children chosen from our school were:
 Joeson, Callum, Zuhaib, Bobby, Athavi, Jonathon.

First we had to invent our own super hero. 
After teaching us how to draw faces and people we then had to draw a quick sketch of our super hero and describe their super powers.
We then did a quick comic sketch in 10 minutes.
Finally we drew our comics out in best.

Read below some of the comments from Fairlop Pupils:

Callum – "I really liked making up my own character and putting them into the comic – I had a fantastic day"!
Zuhaib –"I liked the bit where we made our own comics because I really like drawing".
Jonathon – " I loved the whole day Andrew Thompson was awesome"!
Athavi –" I liked describing my super hero, I had an epic day"!
Joeson –"I've had a fantastic day and enjoyed everything"!
Bobby – "I really enjoyed the day and being able to create my own comic".

Chess Tournament

In the last few months children from all over the country have been trying to qualify for the national finals in the Delancey UK School’s Chess Challenge 2014.

A group of children from Fairlop, Brandon, Joshua, Tristan, Krish and Athavi went to play other schools in a mega final in Basildon. If we did well here we would then qualify for the next final called the Giga Final in reading.

We all tried really hard to win our matches against other children from schools all over Essex. 

At the end of the day, Tristan in year 2 had managed to qualify, he also won a very large trophy.

We all had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the competition.

By Joshua
Year 4

The RE Workshop Trip

Early in the morning some of the year five pupils set off to Redbridge Primary School to take part in a R.E. workshop.

On this eventful day, we were able to join in many fun activities that taught a lot about R.E.

The first activity was a game called The Alphabet Game. In this game one of the teachers asked us questions, for example, if you could say thank you to anyone who it would be, thinking carefully about why we would choose that person.

Later on that day we all sat in rows with someone from different school and were asked if we could take anyone in our religion to a restaurant who would it be and why.  Sapphire said she would take Jesus to a multicultural restaurant to show him that people with different religions and different skin colours are friends and get on. We were all excited to find out what the rest of the activities were going to be as we had already had a smashing three hours!

After lunch, we paired up in two or three’s and were challenged to make a stunning R.E. logo or a magnificent 3D modal about R.E. Unfortunately we only had forty-five minutes to complete this project, but we all managed to finish in time.  
We all had great logos and were happy with the finished products. 
Sapphire and her year eight partner had created an R.E. logo.

All of the year five pupils, who participated in this event, had so much fun learning more about R.E. we want to say a big thank you to Miss Feltham for taking and looking after us at Redbridge Primary School and to all the teachers that organised it.

 Thank you for reading this blog and we hope that you read the rest of Fairlop’s blogs.

Sapphire and Sancia