Thursday, 9 October 2014

School Council Election Day...

On Thursday the twenty fifth of September, Fairlop had their school council elections. It was a tough job! Congratulations to the winning children who have succeeded to be a school councillor. From years two to years six children participated in the elections. Children handed out badges, leaflets, wrist bands, chocolates and even more sensational ideas. The school was filled with election fever. It was like Scotland all over again!
Here is a quote that one of our successful candidates wrote:
Megan 5S..
“I feel very proud of myself for what I have achieved. I feel that this is very important for not just this school but the whole environment. I feel that to make the school a better place I would like to… make the school dinner menus better and more divine, stop the bullying and have more fundraising events to make money for charity. I was inspired to be a school councillor by my sister who was once a school councillor herself.”

We made posters like these…

Congratulations to the following children who are our school councillors for 2014-2015:

World War I

On Thursday the 11th of September the whole of kS2 went down to the lower hall, to watch a play all about World War I.

 In the play two men acted out what happened during World War I, just after Christmas, up to 1915. They told us about the lives of the men who were at war, the way they ate, slept and about how hard it was to survive. We learned about the two allies’ tactics at war. We also heard all of the conversations they had.

 It was an amazing experience given into consideration that the whole of the school is learning about world war I. 
One of the magnificent things about it was when they sung. 
Over all, I personally think the play was extremely entertaining and if I was allowed to watch it again I would.

By Sancia Year 6