Monday, 19 July 2010

Farewell Year 6 and July activities ....

Year 6 - have a great summer break and we wish you well in your new school. Make sure you come and visit us occasionally!

Tai-Chi Week - Fairlop’s Chinese themed week started with a fantastic Tai Chi lesson delivered by two professional Tai Chi teachers who own their very successful Tai Chi school in London. All of Key Stage 2 learnt the fundamentals of Tai Chi and took part in a whole school Tai Chi display on Friday 5th July 2010 in the playground. Representatives from Key Stage 1 learnt a traditional Chinese lion dance and even got to wear the ancient Chinese costume as well as play traditional Chinese instruments!

Chinese Picnic - on Friday 2nd July, Fairlop hosted its very first Chinese themed picnic. Year 6 stall holders rose to the occasion by submitting very well thought out business plans which enabled them to receive a loan from Ms Brannan to run their businesses. Children and parents visited the 'Chubby Panda' food stall and feasted on traditional Chinese foods. The event really did bring the whole community together which was clearly evident as parents and friends set up their picnics on our school field.

Shine Week 2010 - parents kindly gave up their time to talk to our children about their chosen profession and career paths. What life is like as a Solicitor, an Engineer, a Police Officer, an Accountant or a Clinical Nutritionist were just some of the professions that children had an opportunity to ask questions about, and I am sure many were inspired by the speakers' presentations. Overall, the assembly was a huge success and left children with the idea that everyone has a unique gift or talent and that all dreams are possible.

Go Bonkers - our annual event which took place on Saturday 10th July 2010 and was another roaring success for Friends of Fairlop! Children jumped, bounced and tumbled on an array of brightly coloured inflatables while parents ate beautifully barbequed burgers and queued for ice-creams! A number of very dedicated parents and helpers worked tirelessly all day to ensure the event was enjoyed by all. Mrs Allen and Mrs Chipperfield organised the whole day which as I am sure you can imagine is not an easy task.

So, on behalf of Fairlop staff and pupils I would like to say a huge thank you to all parent helpers, staff and friends who once again gave the children a day to remember!

The Big Dance - Big Dance 2010 invited everyone to do 20 minutes of extra dance or physical activity each day in Big Dance week and to participate in a Guinness World Record attempt at 1pm on Friday 9 July by taking part in a 30 minute dance lesson on their school site. Over 650 schools signed up to take part including schools in The Lebanon, India and Sri Lanka as part of the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms programme. Fairlop were proud to do their bit and our students took part in the World Record attempt!

As well as Sports Days, Recycling Robots and many other activities in school, it's been a really busy end to this term. Have a great summer break, we hope the sun continues to shine and children will start their new year groups on Monday 6th September.