Friday, 21 September 2012

Welcome back to our new School Term!
Please continue to check out our Blogs and also the Parents room in Fronter which is where we try to keep you up to date with what's happening here at Fairlop! If your child is going to Glasbury next week Fronter Parents room is where all you photos will be.
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We have started the term, yet again,  with some really exciting activities.  On Monday 17th September KS1 had a visit from 'The Smart Brothers' who helped us with some really great fun tips on how to stay safe when crossing the road. They used unicyles and lots of juggling to explain to us that when crossing the road you must always "Stop, Look, Listen and Think" before crossing.

On Wednesday 19th September Mrs Ball (our librarian) took a group of 9 Year 5 Students to Oaks Park School. Anthony McGowan the author of the Bare Bum Gang book was there to do a Live Video Link with three other schools. It was a fantastic afternoon with lots of fun Questions and Answers!
All of our Children had many questions to ask Anthony as they have read his books at school and they found him to be a really funny and clever man!

At the end of the afternoon Anthony had books to sell to the children which he signed for them. He also very kindly signed and donated a few of his Bare Bum Gang and Donut Diaries books to our school library.
These books are available if you would like to read them. They are very interesting and funny!