Friday, 28 November 2014

Year 3 Marvellous Maths Day

On Wednesday 26th November, we got picked to be a in a special maths class.

It was an exciting day.  We did lots of games with shapes, adding, times tables and calculators.  Two other schools joined in:  Loyola and Coppice Primary.

We had so much fun!
We used shapes to make bigger shape puzzles.  We also did a maths test challenge, played number wall and the triangle game.

Some children pretended to be frogs for a logic game.  We even had to test each other with a calculator.  It was a marvellous, fantastic, amazing day.
Thank you Mr Hall for visiting!

Skeila, Bobby and Esther,.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Mr Numbervator came into Fairlop along with 6 other Primary Schools to learn some Maths!
Altogether there were 60 children packed into the upper hall to experience Mr. Numbervator we had a great time learning about lots of different aspects of maths. These included square numbers, cube numbers, diameter, radius and much, much more. 

The day showed us how much fun can be had when learning maths and in lots of different and exciting ways.
The 13 Fairlop children were very excited to be chosen and we can’t wait to put what we have learnt into practise!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Able Maths Day!

Fairlop primary school hosted a maths more able day on Friday 10th of October 2014. 
Fairlop were extremely lucky to have Mrs Large (a maths adviser) who travels around the country to teach different schools maths. 

There were various different schools who participated and shared this wonderful day. The children began the day with some domino magic where the game was to guess the numbers on the domino. 

Also, there were 30 various activities where the children worked as a team to solve the questions. To continue the day, the children were given a task to make a Sonobe cube using origami paper. 

Finally, we played the 24 challenge were you had four different numbers and had to use any operation to make them total 24, but, you had to use all of the numbers and not use them twice.
It was a fantastic day and we enjoyed it very much. 

Thank you Mrs Large.

By Adea and Maleeha