Friday, 8 November 2013

Jubilee Wood and Jubilee Trail

On Thursday 7th November we had a ceremony of unveiling our Jubilee Woods and Jubilee Trail Plaques.
Our School Governor Mr Patel came along to help us with the ceremony.
He was joined by members of School Council.
We were very fortunate to have had the help from School Council and The Friends of Fairlop to raise the money for our adventure trail, which we use every lunchtime and get a great deal of enjoyment from.

Also Phil the Gardener came along to our Jubilee Woods where we have planted some young trees. If we look after the trees they will make a haven for wildlife!
Members of Gardening club where there with Ms Brannan and Mrs Bailey to unveil the plaque.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Settling In .... September 2013

Our first few weeks back at school seem to have whizzed by, and the term is getting busier every week.  So far we have had trips to Glasbury (Year Six), the Aquarium this week for Year 2 after their fun packed seaside day and Triathlon Event at Newham Leisure Centre. Also our new Family Literacy Course is being held every Monday morning in our parents room.

We were also very proud to have gained our ICT Mark during the summer break, a wonderful achievement marking our investment into ICT for students in every year group.

Still to come before half term, Pantomime Roadshow, School Council Elections and Harvest Festival. 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Open Day at Fairlop!

On Wednesday 17th July we held an 'Open Day' at Fairlop. Parents were allowed to come into school during our normal working day, just to see how we work!

There were many presentations, one for each year group, so that the parents could see what their children will be doing next year.

There was also a presentation in the ICT suite and parents were able to come in and look online at the children's work.

This was a very successful day and we look forward to seeing you all back after a safe and restful summer holiday on Thursday 5th September!

Monday, 13 May 2013

M.A.D Stunt Bike Display Team

On Tuesday 7th May we at Fairlop Primary school were all very lucky because we had yet another fantastic afternoon of stunt bike displays from M.A.D!

We were all so excited as Joe (the rider) manages to pull stunts that are so close to us we have to close our eyes.

We all love it when Jo asks some of us to participate in helping him. He gets us to sit beneath two podiums and successfully jumps across us all.

The most exciting time of all is when he gets one of our teachers, on this occasion Mr King very kindly volunteered (did he know what he was letting himself in for?).  He jumped off of the van which is quite some height when on a bike, down onto Mr King and misses him by inches.

M.A.D are not only here to show us their skills but also to deliver a very special message:
  • The importance of wearing a cycle helmet.
  •  The importance of training
  • Respecting others
  • Having fun

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Art Week - William Morris

During art week the whole school looked at the work of William Morris.
Year three visited the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow and were very impressed with the 10 million pound refurbishment it has had.

 Year 5 worked with an artist to draw, design and make two fabulous wall hangings; one of which you can see in our school reception.
 Each year group worked with a different medium; year 4 worked with clay to produce wonderful tiles.
Please take the opportunity to look at all the work throughout the school during parents evening on the 27th March!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Neal Zetter Poet

Neal Zetter, a performance poet, visited Fairlop to work with some of our children. It was a day organised by an outside company and hosted by Fairlop. There were children from other schools who also attended with their teachers. The day involved Neal performing poetry and children writing and performing their poetry. The idea was to boost confidence and inspire children to write more. Six of our children, from year five, attended and really enjoyed the day. They worked hard and produced poetry which they performed to the other schools.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Book Fair comes to Fairlop!

On Friday 25th January the Book Fair arrived at school.
Our library opened every morning and after school for us to go in with our parents to purchase books.
This year we also had a 'bedtime story' day, when we were allowed to bring our pyjamas to school to put on in the afternoon. We then had a bedtime story with biscuits and drinks. This was great fun!

 On Thursday 31st January we had Book Character Day. We all had to dress up as our Favourite Book Character - there were some fantastic outfits!

We had a great week of reading, and the older children went into the younger classes to read to them.
We look forward to the book fair visiting us again!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Snowy Day at Fairlop!

Despite the really poor weather on Monday 21st January, the school was still open as usual.
Fun and laughter was had by all when pupils enjoyed some break and lunchtime fun in the snow. Masses of snowballs, snowmen and other sculptures were being created before the snow disappears.
Some new students to Fairlop had never seen snow before, so it was a wonderful moment to capture on film of their new experience and an upside to our English weather conditions!
Keep checking our website for latest updates on weather conditions daily...