Thursday, 29 January 2015

Year 3 Science Day....

On Wednesday 28th January Year 3 had a science day. We got to see and touch different types of  insects such as beetles, stick insects, leaf insects and we also saw and found out that a millipede has 250 legs!

After break we talked about carnivores. We saw a Chilean Tarantula which was the size of our palm!. We also saw amphibians such as a slimy tree frog with really sticky suckers that helps the frog to stick and not fall. Excitedly we waited to see the deadliest frog known to man and you wouldn't believe it was a really tiny frog! It's name was a Golden Red Frog and it was the size of you thumb.

After lunch we looked and learnt about reptiles... we looked at a corn-snake. Do you know why it was called a corn-snake? Because it had a corn-pattern as its scales. We also say a real crocodile and alligator head and they looked like plastic but the were real bone. At the end of the day we saw two different types of Geckos. One lived in the desert and one lived in the rain-forest. We learnt about how they were different and adapted to how they would survive in their habitat.
Finally we watched some videos and a slideshow that was unbelievable!  At the very, very end of the day we sat together and asked questions. We did not want the day to end! We really hope to have another day like this again.

By Pawan, Jiya and Tristan

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Year 1 Maths Day...

10 Children from Year 1 were lucky to take part in 'The Magic of Maths Day' at Fairlop Primary School. 

The day used storytelling to pose problems and discover solutions. Through the interactive storytelling session children explored different mathematical problems encountered in the story and had to find ways to solve them.
All the children enjoyed the day and learned about how maths is all around us!

Friday, 9 January 2015

Mr Numbervator's back again!!

Mr Numbervator visited Fairlop Primary School on Friday 9th January 2015 and worked with children in Year 3. 
lots of other schools participated too and it was a great success!


Mr Numbervator taught the children lots of number facts and played a new version of Twister using money and with fractions, percentages and decimals. 

Everyone had lots of fun and learnt new things.