Friday, 27 February 2015

Art week at Fairlop...

This week (23rd-27th February) has been Art week. Our whole schools focus was Antoni Gaudi, Spanish Architect.
The children in Year 5 have had the opportunity to work with an artist called Kat. The made buildings inspired by Gaudi based on our topic for this term.

Whilst the children selected were working with Kat, the rest of year five have been making sculptures out of recycled materials. This took quite a lot of time as we had to plan it, build it and then decorate! We did paper mache on top of it and then stuck gems on. 

As well as that we have been sketching and using our environmental area to make, Gaudi inspired, bird houses. We used twigs and stones to make our houses.

As well as art, this week has been a great chance for us to learn about Gaudi and what buildings are really inspired by. Gaudi was inspired by nature and we were inspired by him.
The week was amazing and the whole school clearly enjoyed it. 
We were very lucky to have the chance to work with Kat.

The Children of Fairlop look forward to next week, Book Week
Taniya Bilal

Monday, 23 February 2015

Year 6 Hate Crime Workshop..

On the 5th February 2015, the Hate Crime Roadshow visited year 6. We were so lucky to have this chance  to see and participate in this show and discussion about many different types of hate crime. It was amazing and really clever how they mixed in many types of racism.

The show was about a plane crash and only 2 people survived. One boy and one girl were now trapped on a desert island and had to work together to survive. The 2 people Jess and Tim were very different, they looked different and had different opinions and through the show they agreed and talked about why their opinions hurt other people.

The show made us really think about what we say and what we do and how this can upset other people. We all enjoyed this workshop and learnt a lot from it.

By Zara
Class 6R

Monday, 9 February 2015

Writers Day...

Today was a great experience for us in Ms Masterson's writers club as we met author Jon Row. He had suffered a cold that would have killed him if it hadn't of gone away but after a cup of tea  he felt fine, so he came to us at Fairlop Primary School. 

He showed us a German notebook that was in a different style of writing to what we had seen, it had  squares instead of lines. When Jon was in hospital there was some saying there were aliens on the roof! That gave him an idea and he wrote a book all about it. From this we wrote our own book about a 35 year old man who eats; slugs, cold leftovers and rats cooked on spit fire, however he had a problem. He had 3 pets that have special abilities who solved the problem but then another problem occurred and the pets solved it again!

At the end we had a fabulous day, we couldn't be any happier. Finally we all got our books signed by Jon Row. He is an amazing writer who could't have tried any harder with his efforts to help us be better writers.

Fairlop's Fruity Friday...

On Thursday 5th February 2015 a few of the health boosters went to lidl to get some fruit for our Fruity Friday. Our trip to the shops was a very healthy walk and we were happy to get some fresh air. At lidl we did some calculations on what fruit we should get. We had to think about these things:

  1. What fruit would go the furthest
  2. What fruit could we get for £20 and still have enough for 23 classes

In the end we decided to spend 70p more and get 10 pineapples and 10 Melons. On the trip back it was hard for some people because they were carrying the melons!

Everybody enjoyed the fruit on our 'Fruity Friday'!!

Aaliyah 4DB

Road safety Year 6...

On Monday 2nd February Year 6 were visited by the Road safety Team. They put on a show to help us think about how we need to keep safe and the reasons why.

 We had to investigate a scene where a boy had been killed in a car accident. His friend and the driver spoke to us, giving us clues about how the accident took place. This lead to us working out that the driver had been distracted by Lee and his friend. He also stepped out not looking as he was on his phone and listening to music. It was a great experience and felt very realistic as well as being fun and very informative.

Charlotte 6R

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Class 3D Science Week....

As part of Science Week every class in year 3 conducted the same experiment. We had to fill a pot with water then turn it upside down and the water had to stay in!

We had 2 yoghurt pots, 1 small, 1 large. Water was poured into the small pot, then the lid of the big pot was made wet. 

This was then put on the small pot. You wouldn't believe that it stuck and the water stayed in the pot. If we moved it a little the air escaped and splash!! The water exploded everywhere. This happened because of the air pressure all around us.

Science Fair!

On the 23rd January, Fairlop held a science fair which consisted of a multitude of experiments. These included "Bubble Trouble" an experiment to try and make the biggest and smallest bubbles, the largest group of bubbles and the strongest foam to balance a paper clip on!.

  Also another investigation was called "The Cornflour Experiment" - a demonstration to decide whether a mixture of cornflour and water was a solid or liquid. It turns out that it is a special type of solution which is both like ketchup and paint!

The experiments were made by a group of children who tested the experiment and made posters and most of the equipment.
In the future, I really hope we can have another Science Fair, as it was highly informative for everybody and also very messy!!

By Zara  Class 6R