Friday, 27 February 2015

Art week at Fairlop...

This week (23rd-27th February) has been Art week. Our whole schools focus was Antoni Gaudi, Spanish Architect.
The children in Year 5 have had the opportunity to work with an artist called Kat. The made buildings inspired by Gaudi based on our topic for this term.

Whilst the children selected were working with Kat, the rest of year five have been making sculptures out of recycled materials. This took quite a lot of time as we had to plan it, build it and then decorate! We did paper mache on top of it and then stuck gems on. 

As well as that we have been sketching and using our environmental area to make, Gaudi inspired, bird houses. We used twigs and stones to make our houses.

As well as art, this week has been a great chance for us to learn about Gaudi and what buildings are really inspired by. Gaudi was inspired by nature and we were inspired by him.
The week was amazing and the whole school clearly enjoyed it. 
We were very lucky to have the chance to work with Kat.

The Children of Fairlop look forward to next week, Book Week
Taniya Bilal

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