Monday, 2 March 2015

Junior Science Competition

4 Children from our school attended the Junior Science Competition  at Forest School. There were 3 experiments for us to do. We were against at least 20 other schools from Redbridge, Walthamstow and Waltham Forest.

The first experiment was chemistry. We had to put 2 pieces of zinc metal into an empty test tube, then add 2 drops of hydro chloric acid into the same test tube. We then heated a wooden splint using a bunsen burner. Next we held it beside the test tube and placed out thumb over the tube. This was supposed to create a reaction but unfortunately the experiment didn't work. Our last experiment was to try and make colours to figure out if  this liquid was acid or alkaline. We did this by mixing usual liquids such as milk and lemon juice. We mixed this with universal indicator strips to see whether it was an acid or alkaline. We test the pH level using a pH chart.

Then the second experiment. We started off by drawing with a paintbrush, dry, wet and in water. We then had to cut out a 2d boat and placed it in water. Unfortunately it sank within a second but we knew where we had gone wrong.
lastly was a tasting experiment. We tasted: Grapefruit skin, citric acid and ice cream with salt. We had to explain where these tastes were on the tongue and whether they tasted bitter, sweet or sour.

When we finished we went upstairs to hear who the winners were! Before that was announced we watched a scientist pop things, blow things up and set things on fire. The announcements were made but we didn't win although we all had a great time and got to try things we had never done before in science.


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