Tuesday, 3 March 2015

E - Safety Video Conference

Parkhill, John Bramston, Hylands and Redbridge Primary, all took part in the Video Conference. Mayespark kindly invited us to talk to two police officers, PC Kim and PCSO Winston. Fairlop was the only school to have a power point. During the VC, Fairlop found out a lot about how to keep safe online. 
You are responsible for what you write, not your parents you are! Some people lie about their age, when the website has an age restriction i.e Facebook, if you have a bad message or photo sent to you, the police can't do anything about it! However some websites don't have age restrictions so if you are being sent nasty stuff, either screenshot it or tell an adult. If you decide to screenshot it then go to the police and show them straight away. There is a 'Ceop' website that will give you lots of advise to do with bullying online. In 2014 1 in 7 people were bullied online. If you are a bully online the please STOP!

Callum Class 6B

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