Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Simon Higgins visits Fairlop...

On Wednesday the 25/03/2015 a few selected children were lucky enough to work with a famous author, Simon Higgins. He was a very funny and humorous man and the children of year 5 and 4 were delighted to have the opportunity to work with him.

We were also accompanied by two other schools. 
In the morning session we learnt a bit about Mr Higgins himself and then took advice about how to write an introduction to a mystery story. The children came up with some fantastic stories filled with wild imagination. 
After break we discussed the features of a good, well written story. This included tense, dialogue and setting. 
After lunch we had a mini book signing where we could buy his books and get them signed. 
Later on Mr Higgins told us about how his friends, who are also authors, have written their own stories. 
We planned out our own adventure stories according to what special features he told us. He gave us some special advice on how to write a standard story. 
To a conclusion we had wonderful time and learnt a lot more about what there really is to stories. 
Thank you to everyone who arranged this and most of all, Simon Higgins

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