Friday, 4 April 2014

Easter at Fairlop...

Easter Assembly
Today was our Fairlop Easter assembly. The whole school came into the hall including reception. We all had a great time listening to the Easter story and along with the Easter songs we all enjoyed. Although it was very stuffy and hot in the hall we had a lot of fun and enjoyed every bit of it. We had a slideshow on the screen which helped us with the songs. Each year had a song relating to what part of the story it was. It was a great thing to end our long term just like this.   
By Maleeha Class 5K

The Easter Egg Hunt!
 On Tuesday 1st April, we had a magnificent Easter Egg hunt, on our school field! All together we had to find 120 eggs including special silver ones scattered all over and around the field. This was a house competition so the eggs were; Pink, yellow, purple, orange and green. When the egg hunt started, it was crazy and fun, we all dashed off to find as many eggs as we could. Some of us didn’t even find any but others got 3 or 4 eggs! By the time we finished, we were all sweating and eager to know the results. As we had competed well, at the end we got to munch on Cadbury’s cream eggs. 
The winning house team in years 5 & 6 was Tomswood.
By Samia and Shamiya 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My DNA.... by Branaven

On the 20th March I went to Bancroft’s school for a science fair. My favourite area we looked at was about DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). I learnt that it could be made from my own saliva! It is a molecule that encodes genetics and is a mix of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and phosphorus. First, we were given a tray and a small bottle of a transparent liquid (phosphorus). Then, some people gave us sticks and told us to rub it in our mouths and on our gums. We dipped our sticks in the phosphorus and then took the stick out. Then we extracted the main DNA. We then put it in a smaller bottle and tied a piece of string to it to keep it secure.

We also tried to draw patterns in a mirror. They gave us a star to copy in a mirror. We had to try and keep the pencil on the lines but mine looked terrible!

By Branaven