Friday, 8 February 2013

Neal Zetter Poet

Neal Zetter, a performance poet, visited Fairlop to work with some of our children. It was a day organised by an outside company and hosted by Fairlop. There were children from other schools who also attended with their teachers. The day involved Neal performing poetry and children writing and performing their poetry. The idea was to boost confidence and inspire children to write more. Six of our children, from year five, attended and really enjoyed the day. They worked hard and produced poetry which they performed to the other schools.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Book Fair comes to Fairlop!

On Friday 25th January the Book Fair arrived at school.
Our library opened every morning and after school for us to go in with our parents to purchase books.
This year we also had a 'bedtime story' day, when we were allowed to bring our pyjamas to school to put on in the afternoon. We then had a bedtime story with biscuits and drinks. This was great fun!

 On Thursday 31st January we had Book Character Day. We all had to dress up as our Favourite Book Character - there were some fantastic outfits!

We had a great week of reading, and the older children went into the younger classes to read to them.
We look forward to the book fair visiting us again!