Thursday, 29 January 2015

Year 3 Science Day....

On Wednesday 28th January Year 3 had a science day. We got to see and touch different types of  insects such as beetles, stick insects, leaf insects and we also saw and found out that a millipede has 250 legs!

After break we talked about carnivores. We saw a Chilean Tarantula which was the size of our palm!. We also saw amphibians such as a slimy tree frog with really sticky suckers that helps the frog to stick and not fall. Excitedly we waited to see the deadliest frog known to man and you wouldn't believe it was a really tiny frog! It's name was a Golden Red Frog and it was the size of you thumb.

After lunch we looked and learnt about reptiles... we looked at a corn-snake. Do you know why it was called a corn-snake? Because it had a corn-pattern as its scales. We also say a real crocodile and alligator head and they looked like plastic but the were real bone. At the end of the day we saw two different types of Geckos. One lived in the desert and one lived in the rain-forest. We learnt about how they were different and adapted to how they would survive in their habitat.
Finally we watched some videos and a slideshow that was unbelievable!  At the very, very end of the day we sat together and asked questions. We did not want the day to end! We really hope to have another day like this again.

By Pawan, Jiya and Tristan

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Year 1 Maths Day...

10 Children from Year 1 were lucky to take part in 'The Magic of Maths Day' at Fairlop Primary School. 

The day used storytelling to pose problems and discover solutions. Through the interactive storytelling session children explored different mathematical problems encountered in the story and had to find ways to solve them.
All the children enjoyed the day and learned about how maths is all around us!

Friday, 9 January 2015

Mr Numbervator's back again!!

Mr Numbervator visited Fairlop Primary School on Friday 9th January 2015 and worked with children in Year 3. 
lots of other schools participated too and it was a great success!


Mr Numbervator taught the children lots of number facts and played a new version of Twister using money and with fractions, percentages and decimals. 

Everyone had lots of fun and learnt new things.

Friday, 19 December 2014

London Chess Classic Tournaments 2014

On December 6th 2014, 5 children from our school went to the London Chess Classic 2014 tournament. 

These children were:
Joshua   5LM

Harrish  5M
Tristan   3H
Krish     3H
Anan     3H
When we arrived off the train we had to walk a little way and then we saw the venue. We were all called to the auditorium. We watch a short animation on Chess. They then asked us to pick 2 children, so we chose Joshua and Anan. They had to go onto the stage and play a game which would go on a screen. We then went out of the auditorium to go and have lunch. 
After lunch everyone went to the playing hall. Everyone played very well and we managed to win 2 medals, 1 gold and 1 silver
We were then told the school scores. We came third. Unfortunately there was no prize for 3rd place.
The main thing was that we all played really well and had a fantastic day.

By Joshua 5LM

Friday, 28 November 2014

Year 3 Marvellous Maths Day

On Wednesday 26th November, we got picked to be a in a special maths class.

It was an exciting day.  We did lots of games with shapes, adding, times tables and calculators.  Two other schools joined in:  Loyola and Coppice Primary.

We had so much fun!
We used shapes to make bigger shape puzzles.  We also did a maths test challenge, played number wall and the triangle game.

Some children pretended to be frogs for a logic game.  We even had to test each other with a calculator.  It was a marvellous, fantastic, amazing day.
Thank you Mr Hall for visiting!

Skeila, Bobby and Esther,.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Mr Numbervator came into Fairlop along with 6 other Primary Schools to learn some Maths!
Altogether there were 60 children packed into the upper hall to experience Mr. Numbervator we had a great time learning about lots of different aspects of maths. These included square numbers, cube numbers, diameter, radius and much, much more. 

The day showed us how much fun can be had when learning maths and in lots of different and exciting ways.
The 13 Fairlop children were very excited to be chosen and we can’t wait to put what we have learnt into practise!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Able Maths Day!

Fairlop primary school hosted a maths more able day on Friday 10th of October 2014. 
Fairlop were extremely lucky to have Mrs Large (a maths adviser) who travels around the country to teach different schools maths. 

There were various different schools who participated and shared this wonderful day. The children began the day with some domino magic where the game was to guess the numbers on the domino. 

Also, there were 30 various activities where the children worked as a team to solve the questions. To continue the day, the children were given a task to make a Sonobe cube using origami paper. 

Finally, we played the 24 challenge were you had four different numbers and had to use any operation to make them total 24, but, you had to use all of the numbers and not use them twice.
It was a fantastic day and we enjoyed it very much. 

Thank you Mrs Large.

By Adea and Maleeha 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

School Council Election Day...

On Thursday the twenty fifth of September, Fairlop had their school council elections. It was a tough job! Congratulations to the winning children who have succeeded to be a school councillor. From years two to years six children participated in the elections. Children handed out badges, leaflets, wrist bands, chocolates and even more sensational ideas. The school was filled with election fever. It was like Scotland all over again!
Here is a quote that one of our successful candidates wrote:
Megan 5S..
“I feel very proud of myself for what I have achieved. I feel that this is very important for not just this school but the whole environment. I feel that to make the school a better place I would like to… make the school dinner menus better and more divine, stop the bullying and have more fundraising events to make money for charity. I was inspired to be a school councillor by my sister who was once a school councillor herself.”

We made posters like these…

Congratulations to the following children who are our school councillors for 2014-2015:

World War I

On Thursday the 11th of September the whole of kS2 went down to the lower hall, to watch a play all about World War I.

 In the play two men acted out what happened during World War I, just after Christmas, up to 1915. They told us about the lives of the men who were at war, the way they ate, slept and about how hard it was to survive. We learned about the two allies’ tactics at war. We also heard all of the conversations they had.

 It was an amazing experience given into consideration that the whole of the school is learning about world war I. 
One of the magnificent things about it was when they sung. 
Over all, I personally think the play was extremely entertaining and if I was allowed to watch it again I would.

By Sancia Year 6

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Creative Writing Workshop

The author David Gatward came to Fairlop. 
We were very lucky to have been chosen to be part of his creative writing workshop along with children from other schools.  We started by writing down all our favourite books and words to describe them on a big sheet of paper, we then thought about what makes a story great and came up with some ideas such as cliff hangers, amazing characters and an exciting plot.

David then gave us some story dice with pictures on them, we rolled them and whichever pictures they landed on we had to make up a story and tell it to each other.

 He then taught us the four most important things when creating a story: Character, purpose, place and conflict. Finally using lots of ideas, the story dice and other props, we came up with our own ideas for a story – we had to write a three line blurb about it. Now all we have to do is write our stories but we have so me many ideas we can’t wait to get writing!