Monday, 2 November 2015

Video Conference with Chris Lubbe - Nelson Mandela's Bodyguard

On the 21st October 2015, 6R had the experience of a lifetime, and were very lucky to be able to speak to Nelson Mandela's bodyguard, Chris Lubbe. 

We were told some very interesting and touching stories about his life. One of his amazing yet depressing tales of his childhood was about his mother being very sick on one of the non-white buses. Half way through the journey, Chris asked if the driver could stop; however, the bus was driving through a white area and unfortunately could not stop until they reached Durban. 
After they reached Durban the bus stopped and helped Chris's mother out, on a white people's bench. A black man came along and inquired what was wrong, and went to get help; however, two white police men came and threw Chris's  mum onto the floor. Luckily Chris's mother survived the terrible condition she was in, but this whole story was very depressing and made us realize what a nightmare black people had to put up with. 

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