Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Our Blogs!

Did you know that people from all over the world are looking at our Fairlop School Blog?

From 11th July 2010 to 21st April 2011 we have had 4,806 people visit. The countries these visits are from are marked in red on the map:

The statistics below show just which countries our visitors are from - wow quite a few from the USA seem to be interested in what's happening at Fairlop!

Do you have family living abroad? Grandparents, Aunties or Friends! If so they can just log on to our website www.fairlop.redbridge.sch.uk and then go to the media tab at the top and then onto our blog page, and take a look at what you have been doing in school this term. How wonderful for them to be able to stay in touch with your daily routine!!

Also don't  forget you can access lots of homework and activities by logging into your fronter account - and for the parents you can log into fronter using:
Username: FPSParents
Password: fairlop