Thursday, 25 June 2015

English Conference Day....

On Friday 19th June three children selected from year 5, Katelynn, Taniya and Krishna had the amazing opportunity to go to Redbridge teachers centre to take part in an English conference. 
There were 19 other schools with representatives to produce ideas for activities based on the book ‘Slog’s Dad’ by David Almond.

Before starting the conference we were provided with conference packs and delicious refreshments. 
When the conference started, we each had a slip of paper with one word on it and we had to form a group with people who had similar words to ours. 
All of the words were in the book and we then predicted what would happen in the book. This helped us to meet other people from different schools.
Next we were given pictures from the book and we annotated around them to say what was happening. We did lots of activities based around the text. 
It was hard to choose a favourite activity but in the end, our favourite was when we wrote for 5 minutes about our own real life super heroes.  

In the afternoon we wrote on large pieces of paper to plan ideas for lessons we can use in school to do with the book we discussed. Once we had written all our ideas down, we stuck them up on the wall and had a chance to look at other schools ideas. We then added to our own sheet and we are looking forward to using this idea plan in our school.

Overall, although the time we spent there was limited, we thoroughly enjoyed it. We are looking forward to returning in October and would like to thank 'Maggie and Miriam' for hosting this spectacular event for us.

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