Monday, 9 February 2015

Writers Day...

Today was a great experience for us in Ms Masterson's writers club as we met author Jon Row. He had suffered a cold that would have killed him if it hadn't of gone away but after a cup of tea  he felt fine, so he came to us at Fairlop Primary School. 

He showed us a German notebook that was in a different style of writing to what we had seen, it had  squares instead of lines. When Jon was in hospital there was some saying there were aliens on the roof! That gave him an idea and he wrote a book all about it. From this we wrote our own book about a 35 year old man who eats; slugs, cold leftovers and rats cooked on spit fire, however he had a problem. He had 3 pets that have special abilities who solved the problem but then another problem occurred and the pets solved it again!

At the end we had a fabulous day, we couldn't be any happier. Finally we all got our books signed by Jon Row. He is an amazing writer who could't have tried any harder with his efforts to help us be better writers.

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